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  • GoldenHome , founded in 1999, is one of the world's leading providers of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets. As a leading manufacturer in the world, GoldenHome has been focusing on R & D, design, quality, environmental protection and sales service. GoldenHome have more than 2,000 high-end franchisee stores around the world.
    With a number of fully automatic production lines, the company can supply all kinds of styles of high quality products, such as lacquer, melamine, laminate, solid wood, PVC and so on.
  • The total scale of the production base of GoldenHome Xiamen Headquarters more than 200 thousand square meters, with 130 thousand square meters of existing buildings. The total scale of the Siyang, Jiangsu production base is approximately one million square meters. and 20 thousand square meters in Thailand. It has now been completed with 300 thousand square meters. The three major manufacturing bases have facilities of nearly 420 thousand square meters. An additional 40 thousand square meters facility are under construction.
  • The corporate mission of GoldenHome is ”Make More People Enjoy the Beauty of  Home." It has been ranked as the "Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Kitchen Cabinet Brands" for 8 consecutive years, and won the "2020 China Top 500 Real Estate Companies." Preferred custom home furnishing brand". GoldenHome insist on exporting overseas under their own brands, focusing on home building materials markets in North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Every day, there are tens of thousands of families around the world, enjoying the beauty of home.


  • Mr Wen Jianhuai

    Co-founder and Chairman of the Board
    Mr Wen Jianhuai is the current Chairman of the GoldenHome Group of companies. Mr Wen has extensive experience in the banking and finance sectors.
  • Mr Pan Xiaozhen

    Co-founder and General Manager
    Mr Pan Xiaozhen, the General Manager of the GoldenHome Group, is a senior engineer and an experienced cabinet maker. Additionally, Mr Pan is the Executive Chairman of the special committee of the National Federation of Industry and the Chamber of Commerce, and is also President of the Fujian Province Kitchen Cabinet Industry Association.